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Incubation center


The idea of starting an incubation center had gathered momentum in our college during the Academic Year 2016-2017. The idea of initiating an incubation facility in our college derives its roots from the Central Government Scheme of Atal Innovation Mission Scheme.

Objectives under the Scheme:-

  • To create and nurture an atmosphere of entrepreneurship among the students and staffs.
  • To provide necessary guidance support in the form of amenity, loan or monetary and logistic to the small budding enterprises started under the umbrella of incubation center.
  • To enrich the knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights and Patents to the students and staffs.
  • To conduct training sessions / workshops to improve and enrich entrepreneurship awareness amongst students and staffs.

To develop research aptitude

  • Students are encouraged to undertake rural and social need based projects. Institute motivates students to participate in national level project competitions such as Avishkar, Dipex, Baja and Shrujan organized by other institutes / Universities.
  • The projects are exhibited in the project competition and most innovative projects are awarded in order to encourage the creativity and innovation of the students.
  • Students are encouraged to attend seminars / workshops / symposiums to share and express their innovative ideas.
  • Principal investigators are provided with necessary infrastructural facility and autonomy.
  • National and International Seminars/conferences/workshops related to research are conducted on regular basis.
  • Every department has MoUs with industries and research organizations
  • Institute has upgraded the library by enhancing digital library, hand books, reference books, e-journals and material related to research to boost the research environment amongst the teachers and students.
  • Institute invites scientists and reputed researchers to share their experiences which enhance the research awareness in the campus.

The institute gives recognition for student innovations.

  • The institute encourages students to attend research webinars.
  • The institute has digital library for students which has on line research journals along with e-books.

Guiding students regarding incubating their ideas through Entrepreneurships development cell:
Our college is voluntarily facilitating constant support and amenities like dedicated floor space, fulltime internet facility, electricity, limited monetary support to departments for providing the atmosphere of entrepreneurship and startup. Necessary information about the need, objectives, and support to the cause of incubation center has been disseminated among the students and staffs.
Being a premier and among the oldest technical institute in Maharashtra, we have a strong network of our alumni who are providing their wholehearted support to the incubation center. Hence many of our alumni are well established entrepreneurs in the field of engineering are willing to provide their expertise and impetus to the undergraduate students for initiation of startups. A dedicated team of faculty members have been appointed for the cause. They provide the necessary grooming to the various innovative ideas brought to their notice and test their feasibility for sustenance and further approval.

Under the incubation center our mechanical students have developed and manufactured “Onion Harvester” in guidance with John deer Pvt. Ltd. Pune, they also applied for patent.