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About the Library

The library has to be a main hub for learning. College library has large numbers of title and volume of reference books, textbooks and handbooks required for teaching learning activities. Besides technical books, there are good numbers of books on management, and literature, library has occupied over 600 sq.m. Area.

Library was established in the year 1983. It has come a long way since then. The library provides pleasant and quiet atmosphere for studies. Inside campus the library is located at a place that is convenient to students of all branches. Self-development and learning starts from a student’s mind. Keeping the same in mind our libraries have been designed to provide a conductive atmosphere to our students.

Library Staff
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification
1 Dr. D. M. Sontakke Librarian M.A., M.Lib.,SET., NET., Ph.D.
2 Mr. M.A. Pagare Asst. Librarian M.A, M.Lib.
3 Mr. S.K. Vadak Library Assistant B.A., B.Lib.
4 Mr. R. A. Jadhav Library Clerk B.A., L.T.C.
5 Mr. D. S. Patole Library Attendant B.A. CCO
6 Mr. Waghmare V. G. Peon S.S.C.
7 Mrs. K. R. Deshmukh Peon B.A.

Library Committee Members
Sr. No. Name of the member Designation Mobile Email id
1 Dr. S. M. Gulhane Chairman 9423787338
2 Ms. P.M. Karandikar Co-ordinator 8888370055
3 Mr. S. A. Shaikh Co-ordinator 9689850728
4 Mrs. K. T. Bhandwalkar Member (IT) 9028769453
5 Mr. S.B. Mandlik Member (E&TC) 8308031576
6 Mrs. M. D. Balsaraf Member (Instrumentation & Control Engg.) 8459735302
7 Mr. O. A. Vaidya Member (Civil Engineering.) 9503992233
8 Mr. S.B. Divate Member (Chemical Engineering) 7020085460
9 Mr. G.B. Kote Member (Computer Engineering) 9623080901
10 Mr. S. D. Anap Member (Electronics & Computer Engg.) 9763956489
11 Mr. G. B. Mhaske Member (Mechanical Engineering) 9561744680
12 Mr. R. M. Bornare UG Student 8421701785
13 Mr. Gaikwad M. PG Student 9875852324
14 Dr. D. M. Sontakke Member Secretary (Librarian) 9270636524

Library Collection

Sr.No. Particular Total Number
1 Total Number of Books 44734
2 Total Number of Titles 20362
3 Total E- Book Volumes 9703
4 Total Number of CDs/ DVDs 2289
5 Total Number of Bound volumes 3990
6 Total Number of Print Journals 96
7 Total Number of Magazines 24
8 Total Number of E Journal Unit 4 (More than 5000 E Journals & E Books)

Coursewise Libraries collection is as follows
Course Total Number of Title Total Number of Volumes Total Number of Journals E-Journal Package
Chemical Engineering 2139 4702 12 1. Taylor & Francis
2. J-GATE Engineering
(More than 5000 E Journals & E Books)
Civil Engineering 2675 5702 12
Computer Engineering 2653 5375 12
Information Technology 1321 3553 06
Electronics Engineering 2207 4883 06
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 1693 4234 12
Mechanical Engineering 2712 6176 12
Instrumentation & Control Engineering 1757 4670 12
Automation & Robotics 48 180 06
Applied Science 3146 5242 06
Total 20362 44734 96
E Books 9703
Grand Total 30065 54437 96 4

Book Bank

Special collection under Book Bank Scheme for Only UG Students

  • This is a Semester based scheme.
  • A student must be a member of the library to avail this facility.
  • A student has to apply in the prescribed form, available in the Central Library.
  • The books available under this scheme are displayed in the Book Bank section.
  • Students have to enclosed attested copies of caste certificate (Only for Reserved Category Students)
  • Five books per semester will be issued as per availability.

The book must be returned on or before last day of his / her theory examination of each semester.

For EBC/OBC/BC Category Students:

Students will have to pay Rs. 100/-, This is non-refundable.

For SC/ST Category Students:

Books will be issued free of cost for SC/ST category students.



Sr.No. E-Journals URL QR Code Remark
1 Elsevier Science Direct

Science Direct
Browse 4,760 journals and 34,083 books
Open Access-1,320 publications
Combined open Access.2,613 publications
Subscribed Journals 514 publication

2 Taylor & Francis Journals

Taylor & Francis publishes over 2,700 journals in dozens of specialist subjects. With millions of expert articles authored by researchers at the forefront of their fields, Taylor & Francis content is a key resource for organizations of all sizes.

3 DELNET-Developing Library Network

  • Union Catalogue of Books - CCF 3,45,00,298
  • Union List of Current Periodicals 1,04,569
  • Union Catalogue of Periodicals 20,235
  • Database of Periodical Articles 11,06,228
  • CD-ROM Database 61,750
  • Union List of Video Recordings 6,000
  • Database of Theses and Dissertations 1,30,753
  • Database of E-books 1613

4 HBR Journals (Print and Online)

  • Click on the Journal Name Issues will be available
  • Click on the Archives on the top right
  • Click on PDF to read

5 MAT Journals

  • Click on the Journal Name Issues will be available
  • Click on the Archives on the top right
  • Click on PDF to read

6 J-Gate Engineering & Technology

J-Gate, an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature; 55 Million journal articles (with access to 10 Million Full Text articles) Engineering & Technology (JET) 9 Million+ Articles Indexed | 9,500+ Journals Covered

7 PREC Library Web OPAC

Library user can search books, E Books and periodicals by keyword of title, author, publisher, Subject and Accession number etc. at anywhere of world through internet connection and get information about

8 AICTE e-KUMBH portal

AICTE is providing outcome based Technical Education Books in different Indian Languages to the students and faculty members across all technical institutions in India.

9 DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Today ,this independent index contains almost 17 500 peer-reviewed, open access journals covering all areas of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts and humanities. Open access journals from all countries and in all languages are accepted

10 DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)
Open Access

The directory is open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in open access and should contain as many books as possible, provided that these publications are in open access and meet academic standards.

11 National Digital Library
Passkey- c76bfa90-e671-46de-b4ca-9534f5fb7580

It is sponsored and mentored by Ministry of Education, Government of India, through its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology. It is developed, operated and maintained from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Print Journals Summary 2023

Sr.No. Department UG -Journals PG-Journals Total Journals Total Journals
1 Chemical Engg. 6 6 12 2
2 Civil Engg. 6 6 12 -
3 Computer Engg. 6 6 12 1
4 Information Technology Engg. 6 - 12 1
5 Electronics & Computer 6 - 6 -
6 E.&T.C. Engg 6 6 12 1
7 Mechanical Engg. 6 6 12 1
8 Automation & Robotics 6 - 6 -
9 Instrumentation & Control Engg. 6 6 12 1
10 Applied Science 6 - - 7
11 Other Journal Magazine - - - 10


Sr.No. Magazine Mode Branch
1 Chemical Weekly Print Chemical Engineering
2 Digit Print Computer/IT
3 PC Quest Print Computer/IT
4 Dataquest Print Computer/IT
5 Electronics For You + Print Electronics/E & TC
6 Embedded For You (4) Print Instrumentation
7 Mathematics Today Print Applied Science
8 Physics For You Print Applied Science
9 Chemistry Today Print Applied Science

General Rules

  • Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members on production of valid Identity Card / Library Card
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • Please maintain silence in the library.
  • The library material included books, magazines, journals, and equipment should be handled with almost care.
  • Sleeping in the library strictly prohibited.
  • The library reserve the right to search any personal item and does not accept liability for loss or damage to them.
  • Users / Readers belongings should be kept on the property counter.
  • Students / Readers shall not write on or damage the book and journals. Before leaving the counter borrower must satisfy himself / herself that the book sent is in good condition and if not must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the concerned staff, he/she is required to replace such damaged or lost book by new copy. In case this is not possible due to such book being out of print the member will be required to pay the prevailing cost of the book with additional change as determined by the Librarian subject to a maximum of 100% of the prevailing cost of the book.
  • The date on which the book must be returned is stamped on the slip affixed to the book and student delaying the return is fined as per the rules.
  • Students must inspect the book at the time of borrowing and make sure that they are complete and undamaged. At the time of issue if any damage is noticed, a student should inform the library staff. Any damage detected at the time of return of the book will be the responsibility of the student and will have to pay the penalty as well as the appropriate cost of the book or replace the book.
  • Reference Material will not be issued to the Staff member and students outside the library

Library Membership

Working Hours

  • All working days. (Monday- Saturday): 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Reading Room: 8.30 AM to 12.00 PM
  • The library will remain close on Sundays & public holidays.